Dale Hollow Lake Spring Bass Fishing

Hi, Tom here and today I am fishing on Dale Hollow with my friend Alex and we’ll try to catch a couple smallmouth today.

You know it’s been a little bit up and down and that’s kind of common for this transition from deep winter to the spring pattern, but I think we’re going to get some fish and I’m excited to be out here fishing today.

The spring is always a great time to fish you know and that’s where I get most of calls when everybody is off. What do I do that I said they was on yesterday they’re off today it looks like they’ve had a little time to saddle we got this front coming through so hopefully you know today we’ll get on decent bites.

I got to be honest with you I snuck down here a day early try to see what the fish were doing and I struggled a bit so hopefully today is a little better.

Today we talked to a lot of fishermen and it was really tough, but you know it’s a new day and every day on this lake it brings new challenges but new promises too so hopefully we can put it together.

For a place that cell phone don’t works well on a days like we had yesterday it went off all day it was a pretty morning. You know Dale Hollow is legendary for smallmouth bass obviously the world record came not far from where we’re sitting right here we’re always fished here there’s always hope right there.

My motto is long as you’ve got hope and your fisherman will always provide talk about what you’re allowed to keep and in the length limits in the slot limit that they have in place here the slot length is under 16 inches and Alex caught one over 21.

Most of them are probably going to be a shade longer and one that we caught was smaller than the slot so I’m going to say he’s about 17 inches or, so it must be immediately released. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been to Dale Hollow as many years as I have but I started out as a kid and my dad brought me I was eight years old.